About Us

Solihull Lions Club

Fund Raising

Solihull Lions Club raises money for the various causes and charities which it supports (and for club activities in support of these) from three sources or a mixture of these:

  • Its internal activities such as raffles at Club Meeting and surpluses from social events involving members and non-members (e.g. BBQ’s, Lunches, Wine & Cheese Evenings, Race Night and Skittles Evenings)
  • Money donated by individual or corporate supporters (e.g. private donations, sponsorships and bequests)
  • Money collected on tin-shake days or through public raffles (our Mell Square Fun Day and Christmas Raffle)

For more information please head over to our Donations page.


Community Service

The Community Services Committee fulfils perhaps one of the most important functions of all Lions Clubs. It is here that it is decided who can benefit from our own personal help or from financial help made possible by our fund raising activities. It is worth pointing out that, as club members pay membership fees and also have separate fund raising activities to pay for administration, every penny of monies raised from the general public and from other supporting organisations is donated to charity.

Our personal help is mainly devoted to local causes and people or organisations who need assistance.

Solihull Lions provide the following events for Senior Citizens in the borough

  • In the summer a coach outing is arranged with afternoon tea.
  • Theatre trips are arranged on a regular basis
  • A Christmas lunch

In all instances supervision and transport is provided by Solihull Lions ably assisted by partners and friends.

Additionally transport is provided for disabled and handicapped people to various activities and each year a BBQ is arranged for them.

Solihull Lions also supports and provides financial help to Lions Clubs International for:-

  • Eye Camps
  • Water aid
  • Famine victims in the third world.

Solihull Lions of course also give directly to disaster funds such as the Tsunami, the flood victims in the Tewkesbury area and the Haiti and New Zealand Earthquake Appeal. Donations are directed to local Lions Clubs in the area affected so that we know that everything goes to those in need.

Solihull Lions main area of financial assistance is again local. Among others we have funded or made contributions to:

  • A special computer to a partially sighted lady in the borough
  • Playground equipment at Reynaulds Cross School
  • The Braille Chess Association
  • Galanos Homes
  • The family Care Trust
  • Girl Guides and Scouts
  • Sending two local Sea Scouts on a Lions Youth Exchange to Australia
  • Sense
  • Wise Wheels (to provide a special tricycle)
  • Emergency financial assistance to a person in need
  • A young lady from the borough going overseas to help disabled people.
  • Philippa’s School of Dance
  • Solihull Life Support (SOLO)
  • Solihull Hospital (Rowing machines for Cardiac Rehab)

Solihull Lions are always looking for people or organisations in the local area that need assistance. If you are a person in need or represent an organisation in need, or know of anyone in need, we are here to serve so please contact us directly. We will help when we can.